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Fallen Equine

Horse and Livestock disposal & Pet Cremation in East Sussex

Our service is an efficient and cost effective way to manage this difficult time for both you and your horse.
We provide a Horse and livestock dispatch, removal and disposal service as well as an equine cremation service in East Sussex.
We are Licensed by DEFRA and our approved agents are available for emergency call outs 7 days a week.

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About Us

We can provide our Horse and Livestock dispatch, removal and disposal services to anywhere in East Sussex.

Although we mainly deal with large animals, such as horses and cattle.

We can also collect and remove Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Alpaca, Lama.

We can remove any size of Horse, From Shetland to Shire and any farm / small holders stock.

If you are a horse / Pony owner or Livestock farmer you have a responsibility to have the best interest and well being of any animal under your care.

This includes what you are going to do when your horse /Pony or farm livestock suddenly dies or is injured / too sick and needs to be put down.

Every owner of a hores or any stock should have a plan of action in place and the contact details of a company like us. For when the need arises.

We also provide an Equine Cremation service for when your Vet puts down your animal, our service provides either, No, Part, Token or full ashes back.

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Unfortunately, there often comes a time where, as animal lovers. We must say goodbye to a much loved companion.

If your horse is unwell or suffering from age related conditions. You or your Vet may feel that it is time to let them be at peace.
When that time comes to either have you Vet euthanise your horse or to Let Us put it down. Fallen Equine can offer several options. To provide a peaceful and cost effective solution for you and your horse.

1: Dispatched by us and Disposal.
2: Removal and incineration (Natural causes).
3: Collection and incineration (put down by VET).
4: Collection and Cremation(ashes back).

If you have your horse / Pony euthanised by a Vet your choice for disposal are limited, to either incineration with no ashes back or Cremation with either part, token or full ashes back. If you have your vet put down your horse, please bear in mind not only do you have the pay the Disposal Fee from US, you also have to pay your Vets fee,

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Farm Livestock

Fallen livestock can be a grave concern for the farmers and small holders.

Not only the financial loss of the Animal but also the concern of the carcus becoming a health issue for the remaining Livestock at the property

We can provide farm livestock dispatch and disposal services anywhere East Sussex.

We at Fallen Equine, operate our farm stock disposal and removal service 7 day a week and are able to collect any time of the day.

Fallen equine aims to provide a cost effective solution to all farmers or small holders for all there dead stock / fallen stock removal & disposal requirements..

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Domestic Pets

When it comes to Dogs, Cats and other Domestic Pet, Fallen Equine can provide several options,.

Our team at Fallen Equine understands what a difficult time it is when a beloved dog, cat or other pet has pasted away.

We provide 3 main services, but other options are available.

Option 1: Collection from your home and disposal.
Option 2: Collection from your home, Cremation Service and a token amount of ashes returned, delivery back by courer.
Option 3: Collection from home, Cremation service and full ashes returned.

We have several different choice of urns and boxes which can be customerised to what ever the owner wishes are.

We mainly provide the service in Kent.

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Vermin Control

Fallen Equine has a number of successful vermin control solutions for Farmers and Small Holders.

Our team at Fallen Equine understands protecting farm stock and Crops, from being harmed or damaged by Vermin is important to everyone with in farming community.

The damage a single fox can do in the middle of the night can be devastating. The damage rabbits and Pigeons can do to a crop if not stopped can be very costly.

The death caused by crows during lambing season can really effect the financial year of any farmer or small holder.

We are on hand to help support protection on either a temporary or long term basis.
We mainly provide the service in Kent.

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